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Deadly Pranks, and Suited Stoners

  • 26 February 2017
Pranks to ruin someone’s day.The professor's live changes dramatically. Also he reminds Zouain of a certain actor. we also talk about old rich white guys fighting for pot legalization who aren’t named John Morgan, and of course, Triviacrack.

Let's talk about Guns For Felons

  • 18 February 2017
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There’s a celebrity birthday. We talk about the game and the album “Ker Plunk”. We confess our weaknesses for librarians and nurses. We who deserves to have guns and at what point of success do you stop supporting a local business? We close out the show talking about journalists and professors and what they are doing to fight fake news. Don't forget to subscribe!

The Highjack- Asexual Amarriage To Tom Brady

  • 12 February 2017
  • Valentines day episode! Fridays at www.TheEnd.FM

DJ Zouain and The Professor are back for a Valentines/post Super Bowl edition of The Highjack. We talk briefly about the Super Bowl, our love for Tommy and Billy, and we talk about 15 sexual identities, what they mean, and what their respective candy hearts would say.

The Highjack - Preemptively Dry Humor with Mimes the Mensa Regional Gathering.

  • 15 January 2017
  • The Highjack is live at the Mensa Regional Gathering!

The Highjack - Preemptively Dry Humor with Mimes the Mensa Regional Gathering.
The Highjack is LIVE at the Mensa regional gathering. The Professor reveals what he wants to do to extend his youth, We talk a little Trump and a supporter leaves the recording because we mentioned a fact, we talk about musical acts and their riders, and the profesor doesn't like Amazon Prime Now because he's old.
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Alficionados Recap the year at a church in Sri Lanka blasting Tupac

  • 31 December 2016
Happy New Year! we did the show live-ish this time, We talk about celebrity deaths and who is considered a celebrity. We talk about a church's love for Tupac, and we close the show out with ten good things that happened in 2016. don't forget to subscribe on iTunes & Google Music

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7 Dec 2017 Puerto Rico, Scheduled Sex, and Workplace phrases that will get you stabbed.

Put your earbuds on if you're at work.

-Puerto Rico Still needs your help as almost half a million Americans move from PR to mainland.
-Facebook can identify people you’re no longer friends with in your pictures
-12 phrases to avoid using at work (doesn’t include curse words)
-Couple that Schedules Sex
-Why you never want to get a hole in one in a golf game

22 Nov 2017 Pompadours and Circumcisions

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Sex Scandals in Hollywood and D.C.
Vegans who snort coke don’t care about the environment
Five American sex norms that Europe finds weird
Zouain wants to become a lobbyist in ten steps.
Does smoking pot lead to more sex?

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