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Bisexual millennials, Emoji Bibles, & Big Banging IRL 08-14-16

  • 14 August 2016
  • Sundays at 7pm on www.TheEnd.FM

This week on Irreverent Radio Live we discuss the most bisexual generation. We also talk about how the church is trying to reach our youth and millennials. Then we talk about a story where a governor thinks creationism should be taught at our schools. Which brings up a debate between Jeff and Zouain about how the universe was created. Did the Big Bang happen, God created it, or a mixture of both?

You're thinking of voting for Trump??

  • 8 August 2016
In this episode Zouain and Jeff talk about what could possibly be the Last election of the United States, and what is likely to happen. We talk about the third party vote (that counts!!!) and Zouain tries not to have a stroke from all the yelling.

Gay Satanists on Christian Mingle

  • 7 August 2016
  • Sundays at 7p on www.TheEnd.FM

On this episode of Irreverent we talk about a story by the NY Post about the Satanic temple wanting an after school program an for elementary school. Good idea or bad idea? Naturally Zouain and Jeff have different opinions on the subject, and then things get interesting. It leads to us discussing the reasons why certain religions were originated, should we legislate morality, and Jeff’s marriage counseling solutions that considers banning a multi billion dollar industry. Then we bring up a story about a lawsuit settlement dealing with the dating site Christian Mingle and others like it.

Look to Jesus to Find Pokemon

  • 1 August 2016
This week on Irreverent Radio Live we have our in house pastor back, Jeff Mclaughlin from First Baptist Orlando, and since Jeff is boycotting social media we have to keep him up to date. In doing so we bring up a video that was posted by Perry Noble, of NewSpring Church talking about his recent relief of duty from his position at the church. We also talk about Pokemon Go and Jeff tells us a story involving a Poke-Stop. Apparently the game is bringing in a bunch of people to these places but the communities think it’s disrespectful and want them to stop and even be removed from the app. Which brings up top places you should not play Pokemon Go at and Zouain claims he used to hang out at one of these places as a kid. Then we close the show out with another leader of the church hitting the headlines. A Televangelist buys Tyler Perry’s 17.5 million dollar mega mansion in Atlanta, Georgia.

You can't have your biscocho and eat it too.

  • 24 July 2016
This week we change things up a little bit and do an Irreverent Radio Highjack, merging both shows together. We packed the studio with a full house of guests including some CSB students and the one and only, Ditty, formerly from 96.9 the game. We first get into some politics and try to educate ForNow and Trump on the Brexit vote because apparently they have no idea what it is. Then one of the CSB students brings in a story about a person who committed suicide and the boyfriend somehow gets arrested for 3rd degree murder and other things. Then we end the show with a drunk Ben Affleck going on a rant that will be remembered forever in the NFL.

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