DJ Zouain along with his weekly guests are back with their take on the news around the world involving faith in any way (and sometimes in no way at all). Listen to them Sundays at 7pm.

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Kink & Christianity????

  • 3 June 2017
  • What are some similarities between Kink and Christianity?

Zouain is joined by Master Cecil of The Woodshed, a local kink dungeon. We cover the similarities between the world of kink and Christianity. We talk about dungeon etiquette, we briefly touch on Taken in Hand relationships, and much more. Don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes and Google play music!

Butt Stuff, Ice Cream, and death threats.

  • 1 May 2017
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Bill Nye getsdeath threats from Christians, we find out TMI from Reed, and we talk about things that used to be considered sins and now aren't.

Easter, Sacred Prostitutes, and The Last Supper at Mcdonalds

  • 16 April 2017
Happy Easter! This week we talk about the origins of Easter, why it shouldn’t matter to Christians, as well as why it’ still good to celebrate it. We talk about “Church Girls” and our difficulties in dating them, and Reed teaches us about the duckbilled Platypus

IRL Darker than usual -death, God, Catholic sex scandals, American Taliban, & some guy from a bar.

  • 10 April 2017
  • Darker than usual. Sundays at 7p on

Irreverent is back! In this episode, Zouain starts the show off real dark by talking about the reason he hasn’t done the show in a while. We talk about Death, heaven and hell, and assuming who is where. later, Reed joins the show on the third segment and we talk ask if Evangelical Christians are the same as the Taliban and we explore the similarities. We also talk about Friends with kids, Catholic swinger priests, and abortions.

Trumpence and The End of a young earth

  • 7 December 2016
Zouain and Jeff are back to yell at eachother about their beliefs. This week the guys talk about why Pence might be actually worse than Trump. we'll talk about muslim registries, and the age of the earth, and we'll close the show out discussing why the 6 biblical verses that condemn Chrsitianity might have been misinterpreted (shocker). Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes or Google Music!

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