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22 Nov 2017 Pompadours and Circumcisions

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Sex Scandals in Hollywood and D.C.
Vegans who snort coke don’t care about the environment
Five American sex norms that Europe finds weird
Zouain wants to become a lobbyist in ten steps.
Does smoking pot lead to more sex?

7 Nov 2017 Hijack Quickie with Zouain & Laila Ireland

Should a trans person HAVE to tell you they're trans when dating you?

Zouain hangs out with Trans Vet and Membership director for the trans military organization SPARTA, Laila Ireland and we discuss the question “should a Trans person have to tell you they’re trans when dating?” Zouain talks about finding a trans woman attractive, and we talk about the death rate among trans people. so strap in for laughs and serious chat. Don't forget to subscribe!

27 Oct 2017 Persecution, Podcasting, and Pornography IRL

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Zouain talks about why he likes to go to conservative churches
How persecuted are Christians?
Pastors saying the stuff they can’t say at church, in podcasts.
Should a teacher get fired from a Christian school for moonlighting as a porn actress? Why or why not?
25 Oct 2017 Green Room Sessions Random Mix

This and That, No Format...

Pharoahe Monch/Kenny Rodgers, Busta Rhymes, Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, T-Pain, Mark Ronson Feat.Bruno Mars
Mayer Hawthorne, Zen Freeman/Tom Neville and Aaron Paul, Sean Paul, Chromeo, FUN, M.I.A. Ludacris

23 Oct 2017 Hispanic or Latino? The Hijack

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Puerto Rico, anthem kneeling/disrespecting The Flag. Latino or Hispanic? End of relationships, Harvey Weinstein, Things more regulated than guns, and industries that millenials are killing.

28 Sep 2017 A bunch of quickies.

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Goat blood drinking public officials,
Mandatory boy scouts,
movie remakes

3 Sep 2017 Harvey, Osteen, Eclipse, The End of The World

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Zouain and Jeff are back to talk about Hurricane Harvey. “Pastor” Joel Osteen and his response to Harvey in Houston. We talk Eclipse, flat earth and the end of the world. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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RSS Latest News

16 Feb 2018 Advertainment with horrible people in suits
Companies you’ve never heard of that run the internet (and you’ve done business with)
Horrible things that were left out of biopics to make the person look better.
Unspoken Suit rules
Why do old timey broadcasters have such a weird accent?

14 Feb 2018 Ancient Porn, Biblical typos, Creationism and Child Abuse

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Ancient porn, and sex during biblical times.
Fake news stories about early Christianity.
Is teaching creationism a form of child abuse?

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